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Organize Your Players

Manage unlimited number of players and teams.

Manage Your Game

Create customizable formations. Switching players is seamless and easy with our Game Module.

Improve your Performance

Track performance and create a strategy sessions, practice or game.

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Key Coach Decisions

Document, and evaluate players behaviours with real data.

Hassle-Free Reports

Conveniently create handy attendance, practices and players information reports.

Keep your Data Safe

Import and export your most crucial information at any time.


Organize your Players Effortlessly

Manage unlimited number of players and as many teams as you need. You can also edit key information about your players and track their performance, attendance and improvement with few touches. Forget about paper notes. Create your own players positioning and edit them accordingly and on the go.


Performance improvement

Keep track of your teams performance based on relevant activities such as strategy session, practices or games. Set up weight formulas that helps you to accurately measure both individual players and overall team efficiency. The app is flexible enough to support multiple weight criteria depending on the activity you wish to evaluate. Additionally you can share this information as a feedback for your players (or their parents) by e-mail or SMS.


Build Concrete Evidence for Key Coach Decisions

Get and edge by documenting and evaluating your players behaviour with real data. Take notes on relevant role or event by linking text, annotations, files, images, record, audio and video to a player or class record. Export and share all notes if needed. Conveniently create handy attendance, practices and players information reports. A preview of any report is available before you share by e-mail or export to PDF.


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