DOMINATE THE COMPETITION. How Sports Coaches can keep an assistant coach in their back pocket.

A New and Improved Version of the iGrade for Sports Series is Released.

Zysco announces a new release for the highly specialized set IOS mobile apps targeted to Sports Coaches. This advanced mobile app will help sports instructors maximize their time and energy by having a virtual assistant coach in the game and in everyday practices.
Over 6 editions are now available on Itunes for highly popular and demanded sports such as soccer, basketball, baseball, football, lacrosse and hockey. With the improved latest edition, users will now enjoy easier navigation and improved design. No more scratch papers, misplaced documents, no more worrying about unfiled statistics and strategic ideas. Coaches are now able to store it in one device and bring it anywhere, anytime.

The Features
There are six very helpful features to help any sports coach become more competent and save time:

1. Organize: Players and team data will be easily compiled.
• manage your players effortlessly
• store infinite number of players names
• view and edit them from time to time without hassle
• track your players attendance

2. Manage: With a few taps; you can strategize your game.
• Create and customize your own formations
• Drag and drop a player to their designated position
• Save your teams lineups
• Switch players easily with the Game Mode Module
• Manage substitutions by choosing from the available players during “show time”

3. Improve: Analyze data and find and create new strategies.
• Keep track of the teams performances either it’s a strategy session, practice or a game.
• Set up weight formulas to accurately measure the teams’ efficiency as well as the individual player’s performance.
• Evaluate an activity with customizable weight criteria.
• Share feedback with your players or their parents through e-mail or SMS (Includes performance reports, annotations or files)

4. Build: With a friendly interface, you can easily file everything in just a few minutes.
• Document and evaluate your players’ behavior with real data.
• Take notes through linking different media files like text, images, recorded audio, video, annotations to a player or to the class record.
• Export and share your notes if needed.

5. Enjoy: It is user-friendly and easy-to-navigate.
• Create handy attendance, player information and practice reports conveniently
• Preview the reports
• Share them via email or export to PDF

6. Keep Safe: Save your files without worrying.
• Import and Export all the important data anytime
• Back it up with Google Drive

Now armed with this unrivaled sports coaching app, sports coaches can take their team to the next level. iGrade helps coaches dominate competition with strategy sessions, improved record keeping, effortless data generation and sharing, track many components for multiple teams and overall simplify your routine and cut down your work load.
Zysco’s iGrade for Sports app series app can take Football, Hockey, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer and Lacrosse coaches, all the way to the top while annihilating the competition for only $4.99, available through iTunes.

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