iGrade for Personal Trainer is Released

Zysco is proud to announce the official release of iGrade for Personal Trainer, the most powerful and convenient fitness instructor app to hit the market. What this IOS app accomplishes in efficiency and convenience is unmatched by any competitor. This unique app allows personal trainers to manage multiple clients and sessions simultaneously.

iGrade for Personal Trainer app is a virtual assistant in your pocket. Your client data is more effectively and efficiently managed giving you the competitive edge and affording you more valuable time to plan more effective routines for your clients and yourself.  No more messing with the back breaking traditional ways of carrying multiple notebooks and planners. You literally and virtually have power in your palm.

Only equipped with your Iphone, Ipod or ipad device and this revolutionary new personal trainer app, you can accurately and effortlessly store, share, retrieve, generate and back up every type of data you will ever need to take your athletes to the next level.

iGrade for Personal Trainer, powered by advanced CAR technology,  offers effortless class sequencing functions; with the Crossfit Mode module simultaneously tracking client progress or switching from one to another is as simple as tapping the screen or dragging across. No other personal trainer app available offers the versatility, functionality or convenience.

Fitness and gym Instructors with this app can now improve their business communications without any additional time by being able to generate powerful reports and share them through email and sms as well as exporting as a pdf file, including annotations, performance reports and other files.

Advanced weight management formulas are also included, helping keeping track of performance more accurately.  Just input the information and iGrade for Personal Trainer performs all of the calculations so you do not have to do the math. Providing precise data and effective recording, tracking, and analysis of crucial information are just a few of the highlights this power hitter promotes. Data is easily backed up using Google Drive and can easily be shared through email, sms, or by exporting as a pdf file.

You can access any client, any time, including multiples simultaneously, track attendance, individual routines, access class schedules, create sequencing and lineups, generate plans, and schedules. You can communicate with each of your clients sharing instantly any of the data you choose.

Selling on iTunes for only $4.99 this personal trainer app is sure to lead many wise fitness instructors to victory celebrations. Never again will you have to deal with lost records, multiple pages to copy, print, and pass out. Less time pushing and chasing papers gives you more time where it counts, with your clients, coaching them to great achievements.

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