How to Choose the Right Basketball Equipment

How to Choose the Right Basketball Equipment

Unlike other sports, basketball doesn’t require a lot of equipment. There are no face masks or helmets, no cleats or shoulder pads. If really wanted to, you could nail an old bicycle rim to a tree and start an impromptu game. But, if want to hone your skills enough to play for a major college team or perhaps in the NBA, then you may want to take your game to a real gym.

Here are a few items that you may need.

Proper footwear


choosing the right footwear is essential for guarding against injury. Shoes that are too tight can cut off circulation and cause your feet to swell. Make sure you the correct shoe size. Always wear socks. When you are active, your feet can perspire, causing them move around inside the shoe. This can cause blisters as well as make you susceptible to athlete’s foot.




A basketball


You can hardly play basketball without a ball ;-). However, you have a choice in what material the ball is made of that you play with. The basketballs the pros use are made out leather, while the cover on the one used by your youth league is probably mad e from rubber or plastic. Most training facilities will provide a ball. If you play in a league or for a school, the coach will most likely provide this type of equipment.




A Basket


The basket is another essential piece of equipment needed before you commence a basketball game. You can’t very well have a basketball game without a basket. The rim of the basket is usually set at ten feet above the playing surface and is affixed to the backboard. Some players use the backboard to bank shots into the basket.





Jersey and Shorts


Whether playing or training, it is a good idea to choose the right attire. Wearing clothes that are too tight can cause injury by placing too much pressure on the muscles and joints. Loose-fitting clothes are preferable. Not only are they more comfortable, they promote ventilation and freedom of movement.

Up till now we have concentrated on the equipment aspect of the game of basketball; however, there is another equally important element of the game that should not be neglected: Fitness training; to help guard against injury to their players, coaches and trainers should institute a comprehensive training program including bench presses, squats, weight lifting and so-on. Since basketball players are expected to run up and down the court all night, special attention should be given to their conditioning. You won’t want your players giving out in the middle of the game.

In the U.S., basketball is among three top four in popularity. Millions of kids play it in their back yards, in parking lots, and even in the streets—when there is no traffic of course. It is where many of them are introduced to the game and they maintain that enthusiasm through school, college, and into the pros. If you found this article interesting, or if it has piqued your interest in the game of basketball, share on the comments area your recommendations to select the right basketball gear.

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