How are Baseball Coaches Role Models?


Children are influenced by society from an early age. Although initial learning begins at home, the environment in which children are bought up also plays a significant part. Not all influences are good or beneficial to young people.

A baseball coach can play a major role in influencing children with lifelong qualities and characteristics. With great knowledge and experience in baseball, coaches know what it takes to play the game. Goals, with regards to a chosen sport, play a big part in the influences on the younger generation.

These are just a few things which help coaches influence children. Being a sports coach does not end with just teaching a game. It is also important to set the values of:

*Working together as a team

*Working to the best of abilities


*Teamwork and skills are more important than the score board

*Understanding of what it means to get through a game.

A dedicated baseball coach will offer support to their players when the outcome of a game is either good or bad. No game in any sport is a guaranteed winner. Feedback with regards to the game outcome and player performance will influence the outcome in following games.

For any player, a coach will encourage them to evaluate their own individual performance. This will allow individual players to look at their own performance and point out potential qualities whether good or bad.

A team encouraged to share thoughts and support one another are more likely to produce quality performances at each game. Many coaches understand the importance of team work. If there is hostility between team members, then the team is less likely to perform well.

Sports coaches have an understanding that performance, over outcomes of games are important. Professional coaches point this out to their players prior to a game. An understanding of losing a game can go a long way in influencing young people to approach any life situation in a mature fashion.

This vital role in assisting to build life foundations can have a great impact on both coach and child. Not only does a child learn from the adult, but adults can also learn from children.

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