Organization, Documentation, and Communication Made Simple: iGrade for Martial Arts


Zysco is announcing its release of the very first app designed exclusively for Martial Arts instructors. This app, “iGrade for Martial Arts,” is a one-stop shop powerhourse that allows Martial Arts instructors to manage their student data efficiently. iGrade for Martial Arts provides fast, accurate access to data regarding students, sessions, classes, attendance, performance, and much more! With easy to use functionality, iGrade for Martial Arts gives instructors the competitive edge in training, communication, and documentation.

iGrade for Martial Arts is highly customizable, and its combination of accuracy, efficiency, and flexibility makes it the ultimate tool for eliminating time consuming paperwork. iGrade for Martial Arts includes functionality that increases organization, communication, class management, and overall performance; additionally, iGrade allows instructors to collect real documentation (such as annotations, video, and additional files) of a students progress into a single app, then said this documentation to the student or parent. This eliminates excess paperwork and other time-consuming processes, allowing the dedicated Martial Arts instructor to do what he does best: train students for success.

iGrade for Martial Arts eliminates cumbersome paper notes, helping to keep studios organized. Users can create individualized class sequences and customize them on the go. iGrades for Martial Arts also has a convenient drag and drop feature allows instructors to move students from one class to another with a simple slide of a finger. During classes, iGrade for Martial Arts allows users to manage an unlimited number of students and classes simultaneously, so that the busy Martial Arts studio can efficiently keep track of students. Instructors can easily view and edit student attendance: simply monitor presences, tardies, and absences with a few taps.

iGrade for Martial Arts allows users to evaluate training sessions, competitions, and other relative data to keep track of both student and overall class performance. Within the app, users can set up customized, advanced weight formulas to accurately measure individual student performance and overall class progress, simultaneously. iGrade’s advanced programming supports multiple weight criteria based on the activity being evaluated.

One of the best functionalities of iGrade for Martial Arts is the use of real data collection to document and a evaluate student behavior. Instructors can collect class documentation in a variety of forms including textual notes, annotations, files, images and even audio and video, providing concrete support for instructor decisions. These files can also be easily attached to class records and exported or shared as needed. iGrade for Martial Arts also provides instant access to communication with students and parents. Instructors can provide customized feedback directly from the app, including notations on performance and attendance information, through email or SMS. This allows users to clearly support key instructor decisions and eliminates vague or confusing communication. Additionally, with iGrade for Martial Arts, instructors can easily import and export crucial information at any time. The app seamlessly integrates with Google, allowing users to conveniently back-up or share their data with Google Drive.

iGrade for Martial Arts truly provides instructors with a competitive edge thanks to its convenience, flexibility, and organization. iGrade goes beyond simply taking attendance; it allows instructors to integrate a variety of necessary functionalities into a single location. With iGrade for Martial Arts, instructors can not only mark a student present, but monitor that student’s progress, take video of his performance, and then email that information to the student or parents as documentation…all from the same app!

Become more efficient and take control of your information: download iGrade for Martial Arts today!

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