In Pursuit of Coaching Excellence


Coaches, like players, each have their own unique set of skills. For coaches, they will use them to establish their own set of rules to help the players understand the strategy and their roles within the game while continuously improving. In order for your players to be the best they can be, the coach will have to find the best way to communicate the advice that will help each player. This will keep the learning process simpler and maximize the enjoyment level of the game for the players.

Individual attention is key to improving each player. This needs to be the uppermost consideration for the coach. The approach to be used is one of positive reinforcement which will help the player to improve their self-confidence and maintain their self-esteem while developing an understanding of the areas that need to be improved.

However, encouragement by itself is not enough. Mistakes need to be corrected. The approach to be used is to instruct them with techniques that they have not seen rather than criticizing them. Patiently work with them to improve their weak points. Younger players tend to respond well to new learning as they want to improve and still are able to enjoy the sport.

Beyond the individual player, the team concept needs to be focused on by the players and coach. A key point here is the overall functioning of the team since a weak link will cause bigger problems. Often these weak links are children who misbehave, unable to be an active part of the activity, or pay attention. The best way to deal with such problems is to become very strict and let them know such behavior will not be tolerated. Give specific instructions on how to correct the behavior, and if that fails then the coach can remove them from the game as a form of corrective punishment.

Regardless of the sport you are coaching, it is essential to do your best to meet all the players’ needs. This involves two areas – the individual player and the team as a whole. Individually, work to improve and hone their skills. As a team, work to teach them how to play together with a minimal of problems. The leadership role of the coach is to ensure the children are active and healthy in their participation, and continually encouraging them to maximize their skill sets.

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