Coaching baseball: for the love of the sport

Coaching baseball: for the love of the sport

Every person who has ever dreamed of being a baseball coach knows there is hard work involved with coaching any sport. Coaches want their players to benefit from the knowledge they bring to the sport. Learning all the tips and tricks of the trade takes time. Eventually, every good coach figures out what their team needs.


Being a coach means knowing how to play the game of baseball. You must love the sport and have a take charge attitude. Good coaches should have also excellent communication skills. They should also be able to work with family members (if coaching Little League) and ask them for help if needed.


As a coach you should learn the strengths and weaknesses of your team before you start, so that you know just where everyone is physically, and mentally. Coaches should also become familiarized with the playing strategy of their competitors.


Although boring, drills are important to learn new skills. Coaches need to be flexible in allowing a good rotation of drills. Each of these positions requires constant attention from the coach:     Hitting     Batting       Base running     Fielding     Playing Catch. A good coach needs to be able to coach all positions, and assess each player and his abilities. There are pitching coaches and hitting coaches. Both of these coaches work exclusively with their players. However, these two coaches are usually not seen until the college level and in pro baseball.

Most coaches just fill all the needed roles

For those who want to get into coaching, remember that knowing the basics will give you the ability to coach your players properly. When you bring your insights and directions to the sport, you have the ability to make strong players out of anyone you coach.

Have you ever thought about coaching baseball? Perhaps in a Little Team League?  Do you think you know about baseball, and would love to coach? Let us know how you feel about baseball and coaching. Please leave a comment below and share this article if you enjoyed. 

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