iGrade for Sports, Apple iOS App or the missing link between Coaches, Players and Parents

iGrade, the Apple iOS App, just released a new powerful Collaboration Feature empowering the communication between a Coach, his Players and the Parents


After the iGrade team interviewed numerous Sports experts, a common theme came back: Collaboration between the Coach, his Players and the Parents is key to a successful team.
The information needs to flow quickly and efficiently, the time of Paper Notes, Printouts, Spreadsheets and even emails is over. Coaches, Players and Parents need to be on the same page instantly and be able to easily communicate on results, schedules and observations right from their mobile devices.

After a year of intense development, iGrade released its new iOS App version with several key Collaboration features. Coaches can share their data with other Coaches but also selectively share an individual Player information with the given Player or his Parents. The information is then protected and only the Coach can change the Results or Attendance data. However, Players or Parents can add messages or respond back to the Coach’s questions.

iGrade can be used autonomously by a single user (Player, Teacher or Parent) or synchronized and in real time between multiple users. Performance and Security are also a big improvements in this release with Variable Memory Management, Encrypted Data, Password protection and Fingerprint recognition to unlock the App.

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