iGrade for Rugby Coach (Player’s management with Roster, Game and Practice Schedule, Performance Tracking, Attendance and Statistics)
Best Rugby Coaching App on iOS!

The Ultimate Baseball Coach Assistant

iGrade is the top collaboration App assisting Coaches, Players and parents manage their Schedule, Practices, Results, Competitions, Attendance and overall Communication.

iGrade can be used by Coaches, Players or Parents individually or in collaboration with each others.

– Unlimited Players, Teams, Activities and Categories
– Multi weight Results with 7 Results Types
– Attendance Module
– Notes with Text, Audio, Video and Photo attachments
– Players and Parents mass email
– Players Import (CSV, Text File)
– In App Tutorial
– Universal Support (iPhone, iPod, iPad)

Premium Subscriber Functionalities:
– Sharing and Synchronization Function
– Cloud Sync and Data Storage
– Real Time Statistics
– Player Report Card, PDF email or AirPrint
– Customizable Events Tracking
– Data Import, Export, Backup and Restore in the Cloud


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